Dr. Matthew KL Tong

1 April 2007

Annual Scientific Meeting 2006

The Hong Kong Society of Transplantation organised the 11th Annual Scientific Meeting on 2 April 2006 at the Island Shangri-La Hotel. Three eminent overseas speakers were invited including Professor Kathryn Wood, President of The Transplantation Society and Professor of Immunology, Nuffield Department of Surgery, University of Oxford, Professor Henrik Ekberg, Professor of Transplant Surgery, Lund University, Malmö, Sweden and Professor Zhonghua Chen, Vice-President of the Chinese Society of Transplantation and Director, Institute of Organ Transplantation, Tonji Hospital, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China. Eight local experts in transplantation presented the local experiences. The themes included Organ Transplantation: East meets West, Minimization of Immunosuppressant, Transplant Immunology, Steroid Withdrawal and Nursing care in Transplantation. The meeting was a successful one and the Hong Kong Society of Transplantation was invited to co-host the TTS New Key Opinion Leader Meeting in Hong Kong in January 2007.

Organ Donation Campaign

In order to promote organ donation, the Hong Kong Society of Transplantation, the Hong Kong Society of Nephrology, Hong Kong Kidney Foundation, Hospital Authority and RTHK co-organised the I will/Agree to Donate My Organ Campaign (捐器官,我願意)運動from 5 March to 23 April 2006.

Dr. KF Chau was the Chairperson of the Organ Donation Campaign. Major activities of the campaign included.

  • Six radio-talks on organ transplant at the RTHK program (精靈一點)
  • Signature Collection for Support

More than 20,000 signatures were collected through web-sites, roadshows, universities, commercial companies, government and private organizations for supporting the act to communicate with the family members for the wish to donate organs after death

  • Essay writing competition
  • Poster design competition
  • Transplant Day Round up on 23 April 2006 at the Hospital Authority with the whole-hearted support from the HKSAR CE Mr. Donald Tsang, Legislative Councilors, religious leaders, artists and patient support groups.

The campaign received well covered reports by the local mass-media.

Drs. KL Tong and KF Chau joined the Organ Donation Campaign Seminar organized by the Legislative Councilor Dr. Ka-Ki Kwok on 27 May 2006 at the Hospital Authority Building to share the views on shortage of organ from deceased donors in Hong Kong and how to increase the organ donation.

Dr. KL Tong and Ms. Angela Wong, the Transplant Coordinator contributed the the Reader’s Digest Story “The Gift of Life” Nov 2006 to promote the awareness of the serious shortage of deceased organs throughout Asia and the life-giving benefits of organ donations.

The Second Chinese Transplant games in Wuhan

The 2nd Chinese Transplant Games cum the 1st Chinese Organ Donation Day organized by the 中國移植受者運動協會 was held in Wuhan 9 – 11 June 2006. Dr. KL Tong and the Transplant Co-coordinator Ms. Monica Wong led a team of 2 liver transplant and 8 renal transplant recipients to participate in the sports activity, support the Organ Donation Campaign and the promotion of Brain-Stem Death for Organ Harvesting in China.

Scientific Seminars

Five Scientific Meetings were held in 2006-07.






Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Immunosuppressants in Organ Transplantation


Mr. Paul Taylor (Australia)
Dr. KL Tong



Experience with certican in Renal Transplantation and Recommendation for future use


Prof. Steve Chadban (Australia)

Dr. Manfred Stangl




Everolimus with Low Dose Calcineurin Inhibitor in Renal Transplantation


Prof. Laurence Chan (USA)



Concepts in Immunosuppression

for Kidney Transplantation: Evidence from the Symphony Study

Excelsior Hotel

Prof. Ulrich A Frei



Greater China Workshop on mTOR Inhibitor post Renal Transplant


Shangri-La Hotel

Prof. Donald E. Hricik


Dr. Bo-Ying Choy

(Hong Kong)

Dr. Xiang-Hui Wong

(PR of China)

Dr. George
Pin-Chin Lai


Dr. Ming-Ju WU


The Transplantation Society New Key Opinion Leader Meeting

The Hong Kong Society of Transplantation co-hosted the New Key Opinion Leader Meeting with The Transplantation Society at the Gold Coast Hotel from 18 – 21 January 2007. It was a new programme of small focussed group meeting with 50 transplant experts from the Asian countries and other parts of the world. The main themes included Biomarkers and Immune Monitoring in Transplantation, Transplant Infectious Disease-Novel approaches to diagnosis and therapy, Issues in Living Donor Transplantation – Expanding the donor pool and Chronic Allograft Dysfunction. Professor CH Leong and ST Fan were invited to give a talk on Pioneers in Transplantation. There were a lot of interactions and exchange of experience and expertise. It was a friendly meeting. Most found it stimulating scientifically and clinically and enjoyed it very much.

New Society Web Site and Newsletter

Two issues of the Society Newsletter were published and the Society also has a new web site (www.hkst.org). Thanks for the hard efforts of Dr. KF Chau for coordinating the communication media for our members.

Finally, I wish to express my appreciation for the opportunity to serve the Society for the past two years and for all the Council members and past Presidents for their advice and unfailing support to the Hong Kong Society of Transplantation.