President’s Report 2009 – 2010

Prof. Philip K.T. Li

Annual Scientific Meeting 2009:

The Hong Kong Society of Transplantation organised the 13th Annual Scientific Meeting on 26 April 2009 at the Island Shangri-La Hotel. Two eminent overseas speakers were invited including Professor Gerhard Opelz, Present Elect of The Transplantation Society and Professor of University of Heidelberg, Germany and Professor Francis Y Yao from University of California, San Francisco, USA. Together with 4 local speakers, four main themes on Advances of Clinical Transplantation, Liver Transplantation, Use of Marginal/expanded donors and de novo malignancies were discussed. The meeting was successful and was well attended by 112 attendants.

Scientific Seminars:

Scientific meetings were held in 2009-2010 as follows:





13 July 2009

The Use of mTOR inhibitors for CNI-free Immunosuppression: Evolving Practice Guideline

(co-organized with HKSN)

Intercontinental Hotel

Prof. Stuart M. Flechner (USA)

8 April 2010

Focusing on the future of our patients: Long-term outcomes in kidney transplantation

CNI minimization strategies:

the importance of early intervention

CNI elimination strategies: emerging trends

(co-organized with HKSN)

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Prof. Bjorn Nashan (Germany)

Dr. Hallvard Holdaas(Norway

Asian Transplant Immunology Forum, Beijing

The HKST together with the Chinese Society of Transplantation and Taiwan Society of Transplantation were the supporting organisations for this Forum held in Beijing Sept 25-27, 2009.

17th World Transplant Games

Launching Ceremony August 9, 2009 and Celebration Ceremony Sept 13, 2009

Hong Kong Society of Transplantation organized 43 transplant patients to participate in the 17th World Transplant Games held at Gold Coast of Australia in August 2009. Amongst them were 3 heart, 2 lung, 2 bone marrow, 23 kidney and 11 liver transplanted patients. One patient had bone marrow and lung transplant and another one had kidney and liver transplant. Twenty were female and twenty three were male. There were 3 children, age 8-16. The oldest athlete was 67 years old. The team was supported by 10 volunteers including 4 doctors, 2 transplant co-ordinators, 2 physiotherapists and 2 photographers. One donor family member and 8 relatives accompanied the group. The athletes participated in 175 events including table tennis, badminton, bowling, lawn bowl, tennis, swimming, athletics and mini-marathon. Medals were obtained in 45 events, including 15 gold, 11 silver and 19 bronze. The excellent performance of the Hong Kong team has aroused much attention from competitors of other countries and the rapid growth in team members also won the name of ‘Star of the Opening Ceremony’ in the Games. The activity was co-organized by Hong Kong Transplant Sports Association, a patient organization formed after the last World Transplant Games. The Society also organized the launching ceremony on August 9, 2009 before the trip with Mr. Tsang Tak Shing, Secretary of Home Affairs, Mr Shane Solomon, Dr. CH Leong, Mrs Rita Fan and Prof. Philip Li as the Officiating Party. We also organised the celebration ceremony after the triumph on Sept 13, 2009 with Mr Shane Solomon, Dr. CH Leong and Prof. Philip Li as the Officiating Party. Both activities were well attended and reported by the media with a total of 59 coverages as a means to support the athletes as well as promoting sports rehabilitation and organ donation. The team members also helped to promote organ donation through various media including NOW TV and Commercial Radio.

Celebration for the 100th heart transplant - “Heart-to-Heart” Reunion Party「心連心慶新生」溫情相聚

A “Heart-to-Heat” Reunion Party – Celebration of Hong Kong’s 100th Heart Transplant was jointly organized by the Hong Kong Society of Transplantation, the Hospital Authority, the Department of Health and the Hong Kong Medical Association on 12 December 2009 as part of our continued efforts to promote organ donation by giving recognition to organ donors. The Officiating party included Mr. Anthony Wu, JP, Chairman, HA, Dr Thomas Tsang, Controller, Centre for Health Protection, DH, Prof Philip Li, President, HKST, Dr Tse Hung-hing, President, HKMA and Dr Lawrence Lai, Cluster Chief Executive, Hong Kong West, HA. Many present and past medical and nursing staffs of the heart transplant team came and reunited in celebration of this meaningful event. Over 140 people, including participants from heart donors’ families and heart recipients’ families gathered to celebrate the breakthrough of the 100th heart transplant operation in Hong Kong. It also extended heartfelt gratitude to family members of the donors so as to enhance public understanding and support of organ donation and encourage them to register their wish on the Central Organ Donation Registry. The first heart transplant recipient shared his joy and thankfulness by singing a song 17 years after receiving his gift of life. The event had attracted vast media coverage - 11 mass media turned up including 6 newspapers, 3 radios and 3 TV reporters helped to propagate the message of organ donation.

2009 Organ Recipient Thanksgiving Assembly 2009年器官受惠者感恩大會」

2009 is a record-breaking year for organ transplantation. A total of 141 organ failure patients received their gifts of life – a record high in the transplantation history of Hong Kong. In recognition of this, the Hong Kong Society of Transplantation, supported by the Hospital Authority, the Department of Health and the Hong Kong Society of Nephrology, organized an event named ‘2009 Organ Recipient Thanksgiving Assembly’ on 31 Jan 2009. Approximately 200 people met in the Prince of Wales Hospital, including 120 organ recipients and their family members. The Officiating party included Mr. Shane Solomon, Chief Executive of the Hospital Authority, Prof Philip Li, President, HKST and Dr Che-hung Leong. Dr. Leong, who performed the first kidney transplantation in Hong Kong exactly 40 years ago, shared his vast experience and feelings. Ms. Yuen-fun Tong, one of the Transplant Coordinators, contrasted the reactions of local Chinese families towards organ donation of their beloved ones in her career over 11 years. Two of the 2009 recipients came up to the stage and told their stories under the mercury lights. Ms Kam received a zero-mismatched kidney 19 years after her first living-donated kidney failed. This has changed her life totally and she feels reborn with confidence and hope to plan ahead. Another 8-year-old girl received an age-and sized-matched heart at the verge of dying. Both ‘miracles’ happened due to the higher donation rates and more organs for matching. All recipients and their family members lined up and presented flowers as a gesture of thanks to all the organ donors and their families.

1. 2009年全年遺體器官捐贈人數新高 (53)

2. 2009年全年遺體腎臟捐贈數字為新高 (87)

3. 2009年全年遺體肝臟捐贈數字為新高 (43)

4. 首度遺體捐贈肝臟宗數超越活體捐贈 (43/ 41)

5. 遺體捐贈者同意捐贈器官率為新高: 45.6 %

There was excellent media coverage. 25 mass media turned up including 15 printed and 5 electronic and 18 websites supporting the organ donation promotion.

Organ donation promotion activity: “Support Organ Donation – pledge to be a donor” campaign by HKU students

To support and promote organ donation, Dr. Cindy BY Choy and Dr. Beatrice Cheng attended the organ donation campaign titled “Support Organ Donation - pledge to be a donor!” held by the medical students of the University of Hong Kong on 5th December in Causeway Bay. During the 5 hours of promotion, 979 of signatures were collected from pedestrians pledging their support for organ donation. Hong Kong Society of Transplantation fully supports the students for their initiative and active participation.

Cross Strait Organ transplant Symposium 2010- Qingdao

Hong Kong Society of Transplantation, Chinese Society of Organ Transplantation and the Transplantation Society of Taiwan had jointly supported the organisation of the first Cross Strait Organ Transplantation forum in Qingdao on 17-19 Apr., 2010. Dr. Cindy BY Choy delivered the welcome speech and chaired the session on Organ Donation in Hong Kong while Dr. Matthew KL Tong and Dr. KF Chau delivered their talks on chronic allograft nephropathy and organ procurement and allocation respectively. Clinical experiences on management of patients with kidney, liver, heart and lung transplants were being shared during the meeting.

Annual Scientific Meeting and Annual General Meeting 2010 and the 15th Anniversary Dinner

The Annual Scientific Meeting will be held on 25 April 2010 in Island Shangri-La Hotel, Pacific Place, Hong Kong. The main theme of the symposium this year includes (I) Current Issues in Clinical Transplantation (II) Organ Donation & Donor Management (III) Infections in Organ/Tissue Transplant. Two renowned speakers from United States have been invited to be our overseas speakers. Prof. E. Steve Woodle from Department of Surgery, University of Cincinnati will talk on ‘Paired donation programs in transplantation’ and ‘Risk of donor transmitted malignancy and infections’. Prof. Mark D. Pescovitz from Department of Surgery and Microbiology/Immunology, Indiana University School of Medicine will talk on ‘Presensitization: the problem and its management’ and ‘Prevention and treatment of cytomegalovirus infections in transplantation’. Local speakers include Dr. Anskar Y H Leung, Dr. Chi Kwan Koo, Dr. Pak Leung Ho, Dr. William Sharr and Ms Suk Man Cheung who will deliver talks in their respective fields and Dr. KF Chau will report on the World Transplant Game 2009 in Australia.

With its inception in 1995, the Hong Kong Society of Transplantation is celebrating the 15th anniversary in 2010. A celebration Dinner will be held on the 25th April 2010 in the Chater Room of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Shan Kwong Road. All sectors involved in the transplantation field and our members are invited to join the transplanted patient groups to celebrate this important date. Honourable guests from the Chinese Society of Transplantation and the Taiwan Society of Transplantation will join us to celebrate.

Book with Essays on Transplantation <生命的讚歌>

<生命的讚歌> collected 81 articles from the donor/donor family, medical staff, transplanted recipients and patients waiting for an organ. The authors shared their stories and feelings through the words. It is interesting to revisit the operating theatre when the first renal transplant was done in 1979. It feels good to cry and laugh with the patients in their stories. The editorial board is headed by Dr. KF Chau. Each member of HKST will be offered one complimentary copy. The book will be sold in book stores in early May after the launching ceremony held at the Hospital Authority Head Office on May 2, 2010. From the articles, the public will understand and feel the pain and frustration of end stage organ disease, the joy and gratitude having the transplant, the satisfaction of helping the needy through organ donation and the hard work of transplant staff. We hope the book can promote organ donation through emotional sharing.

HKST website development

The HKST website has got a major revamp and re-design of the main page with flashing photos to make it more attractive and informative with an enhanced functionalities. We would like to thank Dr. KH Chu, Dr Cindy Choy and Ms YF Tong for the work and our new webmaster who is a heart transplant recipient.

Donor family corner

In order to acknowledge the selfless love and giving of the donors and theirs family members, the Council decided to build a virtual garden to honor the donors and theirs family members. As a result, a ‘Donor Family Corner’ was created in the website of the Hong Kong Society of Transplantation. Under this section, 3 subtitles were formed – ‘Memorial Gardens毋忘我’, ‘Words of Gratitude頌新生’ and ‘Donor Family Activities’. ‘Memorial Gardens毋忘我’ is meant for the donor family members to commemorate their beloved ones while ‘Words of Gratitude頌新生’ is a place for the grateful recipients to show their thankfulness. At present, both sections are undergoing construction in the final stage. Lastly, updates on all the donor family activities could be accessed in the ‘Donor Family Activities’. Good Work of Dr. KH Chu, Ms Angela Wong and Ms YF Tong are acknowledged.

Declaration of Istanbul

To address the growing problems of organ sales, transplant tourism and trafficking in organ donors in the context of the global shortage of organs, the Transplantation Society (TTS) and the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) organised a Summit Meeting with 152 participants from 78 countries, representing scientific and medical bodies from around the world, government officials, and ethicists was held in Istanbul from April 30 to May 1, 2008. Dr. KL Tong was one of the 32 Steering Committee members. The Declaration of Istanbul precisely defines the practices of organ trafficking, transplant commercialism, and transplant tourism and calls for their prohibition. The document also describes universal approaches for the provision of care for the living donor and emphasis the need for effective practices that support organ donation. The Declaration is being brought to the attention of government and all ministries of health. Hong Kong Society of Transplantation is one of the organisations around the world endorsing the ‘Declaration of Istanbul’ to show our support to prohibit unethical activities and foster safe and accountable transplantation practices around the world.

I wish to thank all the past presidents, council members and office bearers especially Drs. Cindy Choy, SC Chan, MK Yiu, KF Chau, and KL Tong for their advice and good work and to the unfailing support from all members to the Hong Kong Society of Transplantation.

Prof. Philip K.T. Li