President’s Report 2010 – 2011

Prof. Philip K.T. Li

Annual Scientific Meeting 2010:

Hong Kong Society of Transplantation organised the 14th Annual Scientific Meeting on 25 April 2010 at the Island Shangri-La Hotel.  Prof. Mark D. Pescovitz from Department of Surgery and Microbiology/Immunology, Indiana University School of Medicine had been invited to be our overseas speaker. Together with 8 local speakers (Dr SC Chan, Dr. Anskar Leung, Dr KL Tong, Dr KF Chau, Ms SM Cheung, Dr. CK Koo, Dr PL Ho, Dr William Sharr) three main themes on Current Issues in Clinical Transplantation; Organ Donation & Donor Management and Infections in Organ/Tissue Transplant were discussed.

15th Anniversary Dinner of the HKST

To commemorate the 15th anniversary of Hong Kong Society of Transplantation, a celebration dinner was held on 25th April 2010 at the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Prof. Zhonghua Klaus Chen, Vice Chairman of Chinese Society of Organ Transplantation and Prof. Po Chang Lee, President of Transplantation Society of Taiwan were invited to join the celebration. The council and with about 150 invited guests had an enjoyable evening. The current and all the past Presidents of the Society share their memories and views on the growth and development of the Society for the 15 years. All sectors involved in the transplantation field and our members together with the transplanted patient groups were there to celebrate this important date. Many organ recipients made their performances celebrating this 15th anniversary of the Society.

Annual Scientific Meeting and Annual General Meeting 2011

The Annual Scientific Meeting will be held on 3 April 2011 in Island Shangri-La Hotel, Pacific Place, Hong Kong

The main themes of the symposium this year are

(I) Advances in Clinical Transplantation
(II) Organ Donation & Multi-organ Transplantation
(III) Optimizing the outcome in organ and tissue transplantation

Two renowned speakers from United States & Korea have been invited to be our overseas speakers.  Prof. Roslyn B Mannon from University of Alabama, USA, will talk on ‘Novel tools to diagnose allograft dysfunction’ and ‘Immunosuppressive strategies in optimizing the outcome of organ transplantation’.  Prof. Kyung Suk Suh from Seoul National University Hospital, Korea, will talk on ‘Technical innovations in living donor liver transplantation’ and ‘Biologic markers and outcome of liver transplantation for patients with hepatocellular carcinoma’.  Local speakers include Dr. Janet Kwok, Prof. Cheuk Chun Szeto, Dr. Lik Cheung Cheng, Dr. See Ching Chan and Dr. Anskar Y H Leung.

Scientific Seminars:

  1. I) Minimizing CNI Immunosuppression In Clinical Practice

Professor Yvon Lebranchu,

Professor of Clinical Immunology,

University of Tours, Tours, FRANCE

June 28, 2010 , Intercontinental Hong Kong Hotel

  1. II) Significance of pre- and post-transplant HLA antibodies

Prof. Gerhard Opelz

President, The Transplantation Society

University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany

24th January 2011, Queen Elizabeth Hospital

2010 Donor Family Day Camp

The Donor Family Day Camp was held on 1 May 2010 in the YWCA Holiday Lodge in Lantao Island.  There are 179 participants including 147 donor family members in 39 donor families and 32 volunteers (Two doctors, 8 Nurses (Transplant Coorinators + Liver recipient coordinator) and 16 recipients and their family members). The event was much enjoyed by the donor families and the responses are very positive.

The 4th Chinese Transplant Games, 16-18 July 2010, Tianjin, China

45 transplant recipients and 2 living donors competed in the 4th Chinese Transplant Games held in July 2010 at Tianjin, China. Six team members were less than 17 year old while 4 were children below 10 years. The team was led by Dr. KF Chau and was accompanied by 4 doctors, 1 nurse and 3 physiotherapists as helpers and supporters. The athletes participated in 123 events in table tennis, badminton, swimming and athletes. A total of 46 medals including 17 gold, 20 silver and 9 bronze medals were achieved, accounting for 21% of all the medals and ranked the first amongst all the provinces.

The celebration ceremony was held on 1 August 2010 with Mrs. Rita Fan and Mr. Shane Solomon and Professor Philip Li as the officiating guests. The activity was well reported by 3 TV, 2 radios and 10 newspapers. Athletes were invited also to【加零一 四圍捐】and【由心出發】to promote organ donation.

The Book 《生命的讚歌》and Book Launching Ceremony, 2 May 2010

The book《生命的讚歌》 published by Hong Kong Society of Transplantation contained 81 articles by the organ donors/donor family, transplant recipients, patients waiting for transplant and the transplant professionals of our Society. Dr. KF Chau was the chief editor supported by the Editorial Board. It was launched on 2 May 2010. During the launching ceremony, the survey on the concern and worries of the patients on waiting list was also reported. Both the book and the survey were widely reported by the media. Complimentary copies were sent to universities, secondary schools, public libraries, health organizations and patient groups. To propagate the awareness of organ donation, the book is on sale in most book stores in Hong Kong.

Survey on waiting patients for transplant 「等候移植人士的顧慮」問卷調查報告

The Society conducted a survey as led by Professor Philip Li on all the organ failure patients on waiting list for transplants in 13 centres in April 2010. Altogether 442 patients successfully completed the survey. The survey results highlight the anxiety of the waiting patients and their need for support while waiting. The survey was communicated to public at the same setting with the Book Launching on 2 May 2010. The results was well reported by a number of electronic and paper media to  help to increase awareness of the need of organ donation in the Society to support these patients.

The Video production 《生命因你再現姿彩》, Nov 2010

Department of Health, to celebrate the 2nd year anniversary of the Central Organ Donation Registry, produced a series of videos《生命因你再現姿彩》. The production was collaborated with Hong Kong Society of Transplantation and ‘Will Come True Action’ group.  Four 4 minutes videos and one 30 seconds versions were produced. Three stories were selected from《生命的讚歌》. The videos were shown on television, road show on bus and MTR since November 2010. Much attention was attracted to organ donation in the community.

Launching of the Hong Kong Society of Transplantation Memorial Web Gardens and ‘Tree of Life’ to commemorate local organ donors on 19 December 2010

On 19th December 2010, Mr. Anthony Wu Ting-yuk, Chairman, Hospital Authority, Dr. Fung Hong, Hospital Chief Executive, Prince of Wales Hospital, Professor Richard Yu and Professor Philip Li, President of the Hong Kong Society of Transplantation officiated the opening ceremony of Hong Kong Society of Transplantation Memorial Web Gardens, the first of its kind in Hong Kong, and ‘Tree of Life’ at the Prince of Wales Hospital to honour the local organ and tissue donors in Hong Kong. The 3,000-square-foot “Tree of Life” in the Prince of Wales Hospital serves as the transplant community's commemoration of organ donors. Our Society uses the words of ‘hope, recycle and rebirth’ as a theme, to illustrate the feelings experienced by organ donors, donor recipients and their families during the whole organ transplantation journey. The ‘Phoenix’ tree (Flame of the Forest) in ‘Tree of Life’ represents the whole process especially with the meaning of ‘rebirth’. Sitting in the middle of ‘Tree of Life’ in Prince of Wales Hospital, the sculpture ‘Blooming’ was kindly donated by Professor Richard Yu together with the HKST and it signifies the beauty of life with ‘light and vitality’. The sculpture “Blooming” is an artistic piece by Prof. Yat-fong Lai, as commissioned by the Society.

The Hong Kong Society of Transplantation Memorial Web Gardens 『毋忘我‧頌新生』網上紀念公園 – (website address:, was also launched on the same day in conjunction with ‘Tree of Life’. ‘The Memorial Web Garden has been set up for organ donors who have passed away, their families, organ transplant recipients and whomever has been touched by this spirit of generosity. It reflects the gratitude and respect expressed by organ recipients and their families, and appreciates how the donors’ noble deeds have positively changed people’s lives.

HKST Website Progress

Following the appointment of our new webmaster, Kenny (who is a heart transplant recipient), the HKST website has undergone major revamps. First is the improvement work to the main page. The layout has changed with the addition of a photo section. There is revolving photos feature as well in order to make it more lively and attractive. An important task is the enhancement of the Memorial Gardens and Words of Gratitude. With the concerted efforts of the council, the future directions of the website are to add Chinese to certain relevant parts and to implement on-line submission of donor/recipient articles.

Website to honor donors 『毋忘我‧頌新生』網上紀念公園

It is the decision of the council to build a virtual garden to honor the selfless organ donors in Hong Kong. Eventually, the ‘Memorial Gardens’ and the ‘Words of Gratitude’ 『毋忘我‧頌新生』網上紀念公園were born. The ‘Memorial Garden’ contains materials that are written by families or friends of organ donors. A total of 6 essays were uploaded. On the other hand, the ‘Words of Gratitude’ is an open forum for the thankful organ recipients to express their feelings after receiving the gift of life. This allows the public to appreciate how different the life is after successful organ transplantation. The official launching of these web gardens was taken place during the ‘Tree of Life’ event at the Prince of Wales Hospital. The future development includes an information card for distribution to organ donor families and recipients. It contains information for invitation to participate in building our virtual gardens by submitting articles and visiting the website.

Jan 2011 Musical Event ‘The Passage Beyond’ 好戲獻好友之「一屋寶貝」

In collaboration with the Hong Kong Society of Nephrology and the Actors’ Family 「演戲家族」, the Society has organized a special première show for the organ transplant community on 22 Jan 2011 at the Lyric Theatre, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. ‘The Passage Beyond’ is truly an award-winning musical by the local famous Drama Company - the Actors’ Family 「演戲家族」. It swept 4 awards in the 19th Hong Kong Drama Award 2010 and is so popular that this is the 2nd re-run since 2009. It was about life, death, love and family with excellent script, songs, lyrics and performances. Opportunities were taken to promote Organ Donation in all the promotion materials and CDs of this Musical. 876 dialysis or transplant patients and their relatives together with 160 organ donor families participated in the show pm 22 Jan 2011. The officiating guests included Dr Cheung Wai-lun, Director of the Hospital Authority, Prof Philip Li, the President of the Hong Kong Society of Transplantation & the “Actors’ Family” Board Member, Dr Leung Chi-bon, Chairman of the Hong Kong society of Nephrology and Mr Victor Pang, Art Director of Actors Family. The musical touched the hearts of all the participants with laughter and cries with many positive comments received. The hard work of the organizing committee: Dr TH Kwan, Dr KH Chu, Dr SH Wong, Dr CY Yung, Dr YW Ho, Dr Cindy Choy and Dr SC Chan and of all the Transplant Coordinators are much appreciated.

Organ Promotion Programmes

RTHK精靈一點 programme dedicated 2 series collaborating with the Hong Kong Society of Transplantation on promotion of organ donation and understanding of transplantation on 24 Nov and 1 Dec, 2010.

The Society was also on a live broadcast of iCABLE on 20 Dec 2010 for organ donation promotion which was broadcast in Putonghau in Hong Kong as CABLE TV as well as for audiences in China.

The Society also worked with ATV in producing a programme on Organ Donation in「時事追擊」 shown on 23 Dec, 2010.

The Society has granted the right to RTHK programme “故事的故事” broadcast on every Sunday (2220-2400) at Radio One on stories about Organ Donation as from the book 「生命的讚歌」 on 23 Jan and 30 Jan 2011.

The Society participated in the RTHK radio program 「生命從心開始」 in Radio One with a donor family and recipient to share  the importance of organ donation as broadcasted on 26 Feb 2011.

2010 Organ Recipient Thanksgiving Assembly 「2010年器官受惠者感恩大會」

2010 is a record-breaking year for organ transplantation. It records the highest number of heart transplants (13), highest number of cadaveric kidney transplant recipients in children under ten (3), highest number of live and cadaveric organ recipients (190) which equalled that of the year 2009. In recognition of this, the Hong Kong Society of Transplantation, supported by the Hospital Authority, the Department of Health and the Hong Kong Society of Nephrology, organized the ‘2010 Organ Recipient Thanksgiving Assembly’ on 27 Feb 2010.  Approximately 200 people gathered in the Prince of Wales Hospital, including 120 organ recipients and their family members. The Officiating party included Dr. Pak-yin Leung, Chief Executive of the Hospital Authority, Prof Philip Li, President, HKST and Dr Che-hung Leong. All recipients and their family members lined up and presented their “Hearts” with appreciating words to thank all the organ donors and their families. A heart recipient, a couple with the husband who donated his kidney to his wife and 3 children who received the cadaveric kidneys together with their mothers shared touching stories about their illnesses and joy after receiving the organs. A cutting of Birthday cake by the 3 children and the officiating guests together with birthday song by the whole group marked a new life for all the organ recipients. There was excellent media coverage including 19 printed and 1 electronic media and 22 websites making a total of 42 appearances promoting organ donation.

I wish to thank all the past presidents, council members and office bearers for their advice and good work and to the unfailing support from all members of the Hong Kong Society of Transplantation.

Prof. Philip K.T. Li