President’s Report 2011-2012

Dr. Cindy Bo Ying Choy

Annual Scientific Meeting 2011

The 15th Annual Scientific Meeting was held on 3rd April 2011 at the Island Shanghri-La Hotel. Over 140 participants attended the meeting. The three themes of the meeting were: Advances in Clinical Transplantation, Organ Donation & Multi-organ Transplantation, Optimizing the Outcome in Organ/Tissue Transplantation. Prof. Roslyn Mannon from University of Alabama at Birmingham delivered two lectures on optimizing immunosuppression and novel diagnostic tools of allograft dysfunction. Prof. Kyung Suk Suh from Seoul National University presented his work on liver transplantation highlighting the technical innovations of living donor liver transplantation. Local speakers included Prof. CC Szeto, Drs. LC Cheng, Anskar Leung, SC Chan, and Janette Kwok gave presentation on the area of their expertise.

Annual Scientific Meeting and Annual General Meeting 2012

The 16th Annual Scientific Meeting will be held on 22nd April 2012 in Island Shangri-La Hotel, Pacific Place, Hong Kong
The main themes of the symposium this year are
(I) Current Issues in Organ Transplantation
(II) Transplant Organ Shortage and Solutions
(III) Management of Complications of Organ Transplantation
Two eminent speakers from United States & United Kingdom have been invited to give two lectures each in the meeting. Prof. Sandy Feng from University of San Francisco will talk on “Transplant Decision-making: Beyond Donor Quality and Candidate Disease Severity” and “Immunosuppression Withdrawal for Adult and Pediatric Liver Transplant Recipients: Fact, Fiction, or Folly”. Prof. Alan Jardine from University of Glasgow will talk on “Strategies to Reduce Cardiovascular Complications in Transplant Recipient” and “Immunosuppressive Strategies to Prevent Malignancy and Viral Infection after Solid Organ Transplantation”. Local speakers include Dr. WK Wu, Dr SH Chok, Dr. Haibo Wang, Dr. Beatrice Cheng, Dr. Cindy BY Choy and Dr. KF Chau.

Scientific Symposia

I) Hepatic-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery and Liver Transplantation Today

Hong Kong Society of Transplantation organized a half-day symposium on Hepatic-biliary-pancreatic surgery and liver transplantation on 18th June 2011 in The Mira Hong Kong . Over 90 attendees joined the meeting. The Society was honoured to have three very prominent experts in the field, Prof. Kazuhiro Hanazaki, Prof. Sheung Tat Fan, and Dr. Chi Leung Liu, sharing with the audience their experience.

II) Scientific Symposium on BK Virus Infection in Transplantation

The Scientific Symposium on BK Virus Infection in Transplantation was successfully held on 28th October 2011 at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Dr Anskar Leung from Hong Kong, Prof Li Zhong Chen from China and Dr Chiu Leong Li from Macau shared their experience in quantitative analysis and management of BK virus infections in bone marrow and renal transplant recipients.

Cross Strait Transplantation Forum 2011

Hong Kong Society of Transplantation, in association with the Chinese Society of Organ Transplantation and the Transplantation Society of Taiwan, hosted the 2nd Cross Strait Transplantation Forum from 5th to 7th Aug 2011 in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. It was a successful meeting with over 200 participants. Dr Cindy BY Choy delivered the opening speech and chaired the plenary sessions on behalf of the Society. Dr. Philip Li, Dr SC Chan, Dr KF Chau and Dr KH Chu had participated in chairing of scientific sessions or delivering of talks in the Forum.

Update on Living Donor Renal Transplantation- Renal Commissioned Training Program 2011-2012

Hong Kong Society of Transplantation , in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, USA; Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Society of Nephrology had supported Central Renal Committee in organization of Renal Commissioned Training Program 'Update on Living Donor Renal Transplantation' which had successfully been held on 14th to 15th January 2012 at Prince of Wales Hospital . Dr. Cindy BY Choy and many key members of the council including Dr. KL Tong, Dr. Philip Li, Dr. KF Chau, Dr. Beatrice Cheng, Dr. KH Chu, Dr. KM Chow, Dr. Sydney Yip and Ms YF Tong had participated in chairing of scientific sessions and delivering of talks during the symposium.

The 18th World Transplant Games, Goteborg, Sweden, 17th to 24th June 2011

To show the public the full rehabilitation and active aspect of organ transplant recipients, Hong Kong Society of Transplantation had organized a team of transplant athletes to join the 18th World Transplant Games in Goteborg, Sweden. A launching ceremony was held on 11th June 2011 at Queen Elizabeth Hospital with Dr. CH Leong, Dr. WL Cheung and Mr. Chung Yam Hung as the guests. Accompanied by Drs. K F Chau, Y W Ho and C H Tam, one transplant coordinator and two physiotherapists, the team of thirty-seven transplant recipients including 1 heart, 2 bone marrow, 14 liver and 20 kidney transplant recipients competed in 147 events including table tennis, badminton, golf, bowling, petanque, athletes, swimming and mini-marathon. Altogether they won 43 medals including 8 gold, 17 silver and 18 bronze. The celebration ceremony was held on 10th July in Hospital Authority Head Office with Dr. CH Leong, Mrs. Rita Fan and Mr. Anthony Wu and Dr. Cindy BY Choy as the officiating party. The ceremony was well reported by 51 media. Athletes were also invited to the Commercial Radio Program 「體育精神」on 11th June 2011 and TVB 「東張西望」on 1st August 2011 to promote organ donation.

Garden of Life at Kowloon Park

‘The Garden of Life’, established to honour the organ donors and also a venue for organ donation promotion education and activities, was unveiled on 12th November 2011. Hong Kong Society of Transplantation, being collaborating organization for various organ donation promotion activities of Department of Health, contributed ideas and supported the establishment of the garden. Dr. Cindy BY Choy and representatives from the council joined the opening ceremony in Kowloon Park. The ceremony also marked the third anniversary of the Centralized Organ Donation

2012 Organ Recipient Thanksgiving Assembly 「2012器官受贈者感恩大會」

To express the thanks to the organ donors and families for their selfless act , Hong Kong Society of Transplantation organized the ‘2012 Organ Recipient Thanksgiving Assembly’ 「2012器官受贈者感恩大會-感謝新生四萬年」 in the Hospital Authority Head Office on 12th February 2012. The Officiating party included Dr. Cindy BY Choy, Dr. C.H. Leong, Mr. Anthony Wu as well as Mrs. Rita Fan, who joined the event with a pre-recorded video clip. More than 250 organ recipients and their families as well as medical and nursing colleagues and volunteers joined the event to express their thanks to organ donors. Patient representatives who had received organ transplants for more than 10 (liver, lung, heart) and 20 years (kidney, bone marrow) as well as patients who had received their transplants in 2011 went up the stage and shared their memorable moment of life after transplantation and expressed their gratitude to the donors who have selflessly donated their organs and extended the life of all recipients by a total of forty thousand years! The event adjourned in its climax by the chorus of the song “全賴有您”. The new book 《共慶新生四萬年》, published by Hong Kong Society of Transplantation, compiling more than 100 original articles from organ recipients on their memorable recollection after transplantation, was also launched and given as a gift to all participants in the event. The event had received considerable media attention with more than 50 coverage on electronic media, newspapers and website media and had raised the public awareness of organ donation.

Launching of new books

  1. 《生命的讚歌》e- book

    The electronic version of the book 《生命的讚歌-器官移植的動人故事 (I)》was launched in November 2011 and is now available in both the Apple and Android Platform. The book, first published by Hong Kong Society of Transplantation in 2010, contained 81 articles by the organ donors/donor family, transplant recipients, patients waiting for transplant and the transplant professionals who shared their stories and feelings through words.

  2.  《共慶新生四萬年》

    The new book 《共慶新生四萬年-器官移植的動人故事 (II)》published by Hong Kong Society of Transplantation was launched at the Thanks Giving Ceremony on 12th February 2012. A total of 107 articles, written by the long organ transplant survivors ( more than 10 years post heart, lung, liver or cornea transplant and 20 years after bone marrow or kidney transplant) on their memorable recollection after transplantation. The book is on sale in book stores to widen the effect of organ donation promotion.

World Kidney Day - 愛心捐腎重獲新生

The World Kidney Day at Hong Kong , hosted jointly by Hong Kong Society of Transplantation, Hong Kong Kidney Foundation, Hong Kong Society of Nephrology and Hospital Authority was successfully held on 11th March 2012 in Kowloon park. The theme of World Kidney Day 2012 was ‘Donate- Kidneys for Life- Receive’ . The purpose was to raise the awareness of the public on kidney disease and to promote organ donation and transplantation. The event had attracted much attention of the public and being widely reported in various media.

HKST Website Development
The Society website has continued to be an active platform for communication and information update. Special thanks to our webmaster Kenny, who is also a heart transplant recipient, for maintaining and constantly updating the website. The web garden網上紀念公園 had received much publicity and a number of articles had been uploaded into the relevant sections of the garden. The “Memorial Gardens『毋忘我』” contains articles written by families and friends to pay tribute or remembrance to the deceased organ donors and the “Words of Gratitude『頌新生』is a platform for recipients of organ transplant to express their feelings and thoughts after transplant and to express their gratitude towards organ donors and their families. Major development in 2011-2012 was implementation of on-line submission of articles to our web gardens. An instruction page had been created to guide the interested persons to submit their articles. After simple clicking of the consent for submission button on the web page, one can start submitting the article on-line. Other development included addition of Chinese in relevant parts of the website.
Organ Donation Promotion Programs in Media
Hong Kong Society of Transplantation had collaborated with ATV for production of 10 TV clips entitled「你是他們的命運」 to educate public on organ donation and transplantation. The clips had been shown in ATV from 16th June to 27th May 2011.
The Society had participated in the working group for creation of a dedicated fan page "Organ Donation@HK" in Facebook by Department of Health. The aim of the fan page is to increase the awareness of organ donation among younger generation. The fan page had been launched in Facebook in August 2011.
Other organ donation promotion activities in various media included

  • Commercial Radio Program 「體育精神」on Transplant Game , broadcasted on 11th June 2011
  • TVB program 「東張西望」 on transplant recipients sharing , broadcasted on 1st August 2011
  • Now TV program 「杏林在線」 on 器官移植 , broadcasted on 3rd September 2011
  • Road Show program on organ donation「延續生命, 同譜歌弦」, broadcasted on 10th to 16th October 2011
  • 經濟日報 on 「器官捐贈,生命因你延長」, reported on 19th October 2011
  • Cable TV 「小事大意義」on organ donation, broadcasted from 10th to 17th October 2011
  • China Daily- HK Focus : “Born Again” on liver transplantation, reported on 28th October 2011
  • 信報 on器官移植的好處與風險, reported on 9th March 2012
  • Cable TV on Winter Transplant Game, broadcasted on 12th April 2012
  • 香港電台RTHK program 「笑容從家開始」 on living donor kidney transplant, broadcasted on 19th April 2012

Donor Family Day Camp
As support to the donor families, our Society had organized a day camp to Tai O, Lantau for the donor families on 6th Nov 2011. A total of 232 participants including 59 donor families and 28 volunteers (which included doctors, transplant coordinators and 10 transplant recipients) had joined the Day Camp and the sharing session. The event was much enjoyed by the donor families and the responses were very positive.


I wish to express my sincere thanks to all the past presidents, especially Drs. KL Tong, KF Chau and Philip Li ; office bearers especially Drs. SC Chan, KH Chu and MK Yiu and council members for their advice and support. I would also like to thanks all members for the unfailing support to Hong Kong Society of Transplantation.


Dr Cindy B. Y. Choy