President’s Report 2012 - 2013

Annual Scientific Meeting 2012

The 16th Annual Scientific Meeting was held on 22nd April 2012 in Island Shangri-La Hotel. Prof. Sandy Feng from University of San Francisco, United States, had talked on transplant decision-making and immunosuppression withdrawal for liver transplant recipients. Prof. Alan Jardine from University of Glasgow, United Kingdom, had talked on strategies to reduce cardiovascular complications and prevention of malignancy and viral infection after solid organ transplantation. Local speakers including Dr. WK Wu, Dr. SH Chok, Dr. Haibo Wang, Dr. Beatrice Cheng, Dr. Cindy BY Choy and Dr. KF Chau gave presentation on areas of their expertise.

Annual Scientific Meeting and Annual General Meeting 2013

The 17th Annual Scientific Meeting will be held on 21st April 2013 in Island Shangri-La Hotel, Pacific Place, Hong Kong. Two eminent speakers from Australia and Korea will come to Hong Kong to join our meeting. Prof. Jeremy Chapman from University of Sydney, Australia, will give his talk on new development in kidney and beta cell replacement therapy and review the contemporary immunosuppressive therapy for organ transplant. Prof. Shin Hwang from University of Ulson, Korea, will give talks on surgical aspect of liver transplant and transplant for liver malignancies. Local speakers include Dr. Cindy Choy, Prof. Anskar Leung, Dr. William Sharr, Dr. Katherine Fan, Dr. YW Ho and Ms. Jenny Koo. Topics including stem cell transplant, heart transplant, kidney transplant and organ donation will be covered.

Cross Strait Transplantation Forum 2012

Hong Kong Society of Transplantation, in collaboration with the Chinese Society of Organ Transplantation and the Transplantation Society of Taiwan, hosted the 3rd Cross-Strait Transplantation Forum on 24-26th August 2012 at Zhengzhou. Dr. Cindy BY Choy was the Chairperson of the meeting from Hong Kong. Other invited speakers included Drs. KF Chau, YW Ho, WC Dai and W Sharr. More than 150 participants had participated in the forum.

Scientific Meeting: Optimizing Renal Function with Clinical Use of mTOR inhibitor

Hong Kong Society of Transplantation in collaboration with Hong Kong Society of Nephrology,hosted the Scientific Meeting on “Clinical use of mTOR inhibitor in organ transplantations” in Sheraton Hotel on 30th November, 2012. Dr. Julio Pascual from Hospital de Mar, Barcelona, Spain, presented his talk on “Optimizing renal function with clinical use of mTOR inhibitor in kidney transplantation” and Dr. Cheuk Au had talked on “Local experience in use of mTOR inhibitor”.

The Eighth Asia Pacific Summit on Solid Organ Transplantation

Hong Kong Society of Transplantation was the supporting organization for the 8th Asia Pacific Summit which was held on 2nd to 3rd March, 2013 in Sheraton Hotel, Hong Kong. Thirty-seven speakers from 14 countries in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia visited Hong Kong and delivered plenary lectures on wide variety of topics in liver and kidney transplantation including post-transplant complications and high risk organ transplant. Local Chairmen and speakers included Dr. Cindy BY Choy, Prof. SC Chan, Prof. TM Chan, Prof. CM Lo, Dr. KF Chau and Dr. James Fung. The event had attracted more than 300 participants.

The Fifth China Transplant Games

To show the public the full rehabilitation and active aspect of organ transplant recipients, Hong Kong Society of Transplantation and Hong Kong Transplant Sports Association had organized a team of transplant athletes to join the 5th China Transplant Games in Hangzhou on 22nd 24th June 2012. Seventeen transplant recipients from Hong Kong won 40 medals (12 gold, 16 silver and 12 bronze) in the Games.

The First Hong Kong Transplant and Dialysis Games and “Support Organ Donation : Community Sharing Project”
「第一屆香港器官移植及透析人士運動會」暨「燃新生 支持器官移植分享計劃」

To promote organ donation and promote exercise among transplant recipients and patients waiting for transplant, Hong Kong Society of Transplantation, Hong Kong Transplant Sports Association and Hong Kong Society of Nephrology co-organized the “First Hong Kong Transplant and Dialysis Gamesin Hong Kong. The kick-off ceremony of the Games was held on 20th May 2012 in Queen Elizabeth Hospital which also marked the launching of organ donation promotion programme named 「燃新生 支持器官移植分享計劃」 with the medical staffs, transplant coordinators and transplant recipients going to the community (schools, companies, voluntary organizations, etc) sharing their experiences and promoting organ donation.

The Games was successfully held on 24 to 25th November 2012 at Tsing Yi Sports Centre and Tsing Yi Sports Ground. A total of 531 participants in 21 Teams (including teams from China and Macau) had participated in 160 events. The organ donation promotion event and the games had been widely reported in the media, raising the awareness and support from the public for organ donation. The total number of people registered in the Central Organ Donation Registry had reached 109,262 by November 2012.

Donor Families Activity 「捐贈受贈慶中秋共團圓」

As support to donor families, a gathering named 「捐贈受贈慶中秋共團圓」was held on 23rd September 2012 at the Centre for Health Protection for the donor families. Representatives from donor families and transplant recipients shared their 心路歷程 in the gathering and enjoyed the big moon cake which was specially prepared for the event. The atmosphere was touching and the responses were very positive.

2013 Organ Recipients Thanksgiving Assembly


To thank the organ donors and families for their selfless act, Hong Kong Society of Transplantation organized the “2013 Organ Recipient Thanksgiving Assemblyin the underground lecture theatre of Queen Mary Hospital on 27th January 2013. The event was officiated by Dr. Leung PY, Dr. Leong CH and Dr. Cindy Choy. The Theme of the ceremony was 同慶同年、同月、同日再生. Recipients from multi-organ donors and patients transplanted in year 2012 went up the stage and shared their memorable moment of life after transplantation and expressed their gratitude to the donors and their families. More than 180 recipients, their families as well as medical and nursing colleagues joined the event. The event was reported in more than 35 media (printed/electronic) and gained much support from the public.

Other organ donation promotion activities

Hong Kong Society of Transplantation had supported a number of organ donation promotion activities including:

  • 香港電台第一台 RTHK1「精靈一點」
    A series of five talks on kidney、lung、heart、liver transplant and organ donation was broadcasted in the program 精靈一點 every Thursday from 10th May to 7th June 2012.
  • Happy Magazine special articles on Organ Donation and Transplantation was reported in the issue : June 2012, Happy Magazine.

  • Guinness World Records Attempts: Most People To Sign Up as Organ Donors In One Hour, by Will-in-action on 3rd August 2012 at Polytechnic University. A total of 474 participants signed their organ donation cards in the event. The record had been accepted by the Guinness World Records.

  • 「愛心延續 1 + 親」支持器官捐贈計劃 by Legacy 67 in Shatin on 13th Oct 2012.

  • “Journey of Rebirth” - Talks and Sharing on organ donations for Junior Chamber International

    Kowloon on 21st Oct 2012.

  • Talks on organ donation and transplantation for Rotary International District 3450 (Hong Kong, Macau & Mongolia) and Junior Chamber International Hong Kong on 17th March 2013.

I wish to express my sincere thanks to all the office bearers and council members for their advice and support. I would also like to thank all members for the unfailing support to Hong Kong Society of Transplantation.

Dr. Cindy Bo Ying Choy