President’s Report 2015-16

Annual Scientific meeting 2015

Hong Kong Society of Transplantation (HKST) organized the 20th Annual Scientific Meeting on 19 April 2016 at Island Shangri-La Hotel. One of the founding objectives of HKST is to promote local education and training in the field of transplantation. To salute the achievement in local transplantation in the past 20 years, we have invited 5 eminent oversea speakers as well as 2 local speakers to address various aspect of organ transplantation. Renowned speakers are invited from transplant societies in neighboring cities and countries. These included Prof. Philip O’Connell from The Transplantation Society (TTS), Prof. Vasant Sumethkul from Thai Transplantation Society, Prof. Kyung-Suk Suh from Korean Society of Transplantation, Prof. Shoei-Shen Wang from Taiwan Society of Transplantation and Prof. Yonson Ku from Japan Society of Transplantation. Local speakers included Prof. See-Ching Chan and Dr. Janette Kwok. They addressed the challenges in modern transplantation, how to expand donor pool as well as to maximize transplantable organs. The meeting was well attended by about 150 members. President of Thai Society of Transplantation, Prof. Kriengsak Vareesandthip, together with the executive committee, also attended the meeting. A coffee mug was distributed to all members attending the meeting. Lecture slides have been uploaded to our Society homepage.


20th anniversary celebration

To commemorate the 20th anniversary, a celebration dinner was held on 19 April 2015 in Island Shangri-La. Prof. O’Connell, Prof. Vareesandthip, Prof. Sumethkul and Prof Ku were invited to join the dinner. The officiating guests were Prof. JCY Leong, Chairman of Hospital Authority HK, Prof. CH Leong and Dr. KP Cheng. All the current and past presidents and council members of HKST as well as colleagues involving in local transplantation of various sectors were invited. Transplant recipients were invited to have performance in the dinner to show their full rehabilitation. HKST would also like to acknowledge the Black, the band providing musical performance and made the evening memorable. The total attendance of the celebration dinner was 206. A business card holder and a desk-top pen were distributed as a gift to all attendants.


Organ donation promotion 2015

The local organ donation rate in 2015 was far from satisfaction. The failure of a 19-years old girl to solicit a transplantable lung has triggered territory-wide discussion of organ donation situation in Hong Kong. As the only local registered professional society in the field of transplantation, there was an explosion of request for interview in late 2015 by various mass media including newspaper, radio, television and even live forum (appendix 1). At the same time, there were also a surge of request of enquires and interviews from local students and organizations. With the assistance of HK Society of Nephrology, a roster has been set up to fulfill the public education need (appendix 2). I would like to express my sincere thanks to Dr. KS Choi, chairman of HK Society of Nephrology (HKSN) for his assistance. The collaboration will continue and the roster is currently managed by Dr. Maggie Ma.


An alliance group was set up by transplant patient (爭取政府檢討器官移植政䇿大聯盟) in Nov 2015. At the same time HK Idea Centre (香港集思會) has conducted a survey about the policy of local organ donation in Dec 2015. In responds to this, HKST has set up a focus group, chaired by Dr. KF Chau. After a several rounds of discussion, on behalf of HKST and HKSN, a proposal has been submitted to Dr. KM Ko, Secretary for Food and Health, HKSAR in Mar 2016.  


Sedan chair race 2015

Sedan Chair Race and Bazaar is organized by Matilda Hospital each year in October. The main theme in 2015 was “music”. HK Transplant sports association (HKTSA), together with HKST and HKSN had collaborated to form a big team to join the Fun Challenge competition by dressing up as African cannibals on 25 October 2015. Team members included doctors, transplant recipients, donor family members, volunteers from Fire Service Department and colleagues from drug firm. The purpose of the team was to promote organ donation by attracting the media and public attention, with the slogan “器官捐贈,無分國界 ; 你我支持,齊齊參予!”


At the same time, HKST also set up an organ donor registration stall in the Bazaar to invite event participants to register as organ donor. The event was successful and was covered by several local newspapers. Also gladly the team won 2 prizes: winner of “Team capturing the spirit of the event” and first runner up of “Encouragement and recognition of team effort”.


World Transplant Game 2015

World Transplant Game 2015 was held in Mar del Plata in Argentina on 23-30 August 2015. HKTSA formed a team of 6 transplant recipients to join the Game. HKST supported the team financially as well as to provide a medical support team, comprised with a transplant physician (Dr. CH Tam), a transplant nurse (Ms WY Ho) as well as a physiotherapist (Mr. Ken Ip).

A kickoff ceremony was held on 9 August 2015. Dr. Ko WM and Dr. Cheung WL together with Mr. SH Wu (胡兆康), the gold medalist of HK bowling team jointly encouraged our team members. Despite long hours of flight and cold weather, HK team successfully won 18 prizes (4 Gold, 1 Silver and 13 Bronze medals) in the Game. A celebration ceremony was held on 4 October 2015. Dr. CH Leong and Dr. PY Leung was the officiating guests. By means of sport activities, our transplant recipients had shown their full rehabilitation and appealed to the media for more organ donation in Hong Kong.


HKTSA will organize the 3rd HKTDG in October 2016. HKST will continue our support as a co-organizer. A kickoff ceremony was held on 10 April 2015.


Scientific Seminars

2 Scientific symposiums were held in 2015-16.






Management of post- transplant malignancies

Prof. Wolfgang Arns



De Novo DSA and antibody mediated rejection

Prof. Peter Nickerson


Both symposiums were co-organized with HKSN.


Cross strait Transplant Forum 2015

This annual forum, participated by transplant professionals from Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan, was held in Shanghai on 4-6/9/2015. HKST was the usual co-organizer. Prof. SC Chan shared the current situation of organ transplantation in Hong Kong in the opening plenary symposium. Other topics presented by HK delegates included definition of brain death (Dr. WM Chan), organ procurement in Hong Kong (Ms. J Koo), ABO incompatible liver transplantation (Dr. Albert Chan), paired liver exchange (Dr. W Sharr), post-transplant viral infection (Dr. KC Hou), post kidney transplant DSA (Dr. HK Lo) and post-transplant hyperphosphatemia (Dr. WP Law).


7th CODR seminar

To celebrate the 7th anniversary of establishment of CODR, Department of Health organized a scientific symposium on 21 November 2015. The theme was “primary care physician can make a difference”. HKST was one of the co-organizers. On behalf of HKST, I shared the latest situation of organ donation in Hong Kong and encouraged primary care colleagues to promote organ donation in their clinical settings. The seminar was well attended by 108 colleagues.


New key opinion leaders meeting (nKOL)

This 2-days meeting was organized by Thai Society of Transplantation and TTS in Bangkok on 2-3 March 2016. By presenting 32 topics covering basic, translational and clinical science, the aim was to generate a broad and in-depth discussion conducted by new KOL as well as invited speakers. The meeting was attended by a total of 65 Asian speakers from 10 countries and 2 TTS invited guest speakers. Prof. SC Chan, Prof. TM Chan, Dr. Maggie Ma, Dr. CY Cheung, Dr. TCL Wong, Dr. KW Ma, Dr. M Hsin and I attended this meaningful meeting. It was a good networking opportunities to know more about other transplant centres in Asia Pacific areas.


26th International Congress of TTS

The congress has been scheduled on 18-23 August 2016 in Hong Kong. Prof. SC Chan, Dr. William Lee, Dr. Simon Hou, Dr. KM Chow, Dr. KL Tong, Dr. KF Chau, Dr. Cindy Choy, Dr. HK Lo, Dr. Maggie Ma and I have served in the host country liaison committee (HCLC). HKST has already committed to host one of the early morning symposium on 20 August for selected local abstracts presentation. This can encourage scientific studies and submission from local centres. HKST are committed to provide an informative transplant congress with local characteristic. Please pay attention to the latest progress.


Society Newsletter and message from president

Starting from issue 18, thanks for the effort of Dr. KM Chow, our Hon secretary, information boxes had been added to make our newsletter more educational and informative. Also I will send out message from my office quarterly by email to all members to keep you update the latest development of HKST. Our council hopes that you will support our Society relentlessly.


TTS affiliated society

HKST has reached agreement with TTS to be one of the affiliated Society starting 2016. Our full and associated members now can enjoy a reduced annual subscription rate to TTS (Full member: USD$ 90; Trainee or Associated member: USD$45). Don't miss the chance.


Donor family day 2015

Donor family day 2015 was held in Lake Egret Nature Park Rooftop Garden on 22/11/2015. Totally 308 participants, including donor family members, volunteers and guests enjoyed a happy weekend. By this meaningful event, HKST acknowledged the altruistic devotion of our donor families in donating the organs of their beloved one.


Thanksgiving ceremony 2016

Thanksgiving ceremony 2016 was held in lecture theatre of Centre of Health Protection on 28/2/2016. The officiating guests this year were Dr. WM Ko and Dr. WL Cheung. Moreover, the ceremony was supported by TVB this year. Ms. Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍小姐), together with 5 TVB artists paid tribute to our anonymous donors in the year 2015. With the encouraging title of信有明, the ceremony was widely reported by best-ever number of news media. A video clip will be uploaded to YouTube for your perusal later.


Last, but not the least, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to office bearer and the whole council in helping me for the direction and accomplishment of various tasks.


Dr. Chak Wai Leung

President, HKST.

24 April 2016.

Appendix 1: Record of Media interview

Show Date


Program / title


South China Morning Post






商業電台 (CR1)



香港電台 (RTHK)



蘋果日報 (Apple Daily)



星島日報 (Sing Tao)



新城財經台 (Metro radio)



RTHK (English Channel)

The Pulse


香港電台 (RTHK)






香港電台 (RTHK)



Appendix 2: Public Education roster


School name




Dr. KF Chau


Fukien Secondary School (福建中學)

Dr. KS Choi



Dr. KM Chow


Hong Kong Design Institute

Dr. Sunny Wong



Dr. WL Chak


Queen's College

Dr. Maggie Ma



Dr Samuel Fung


City University of Hong Kong

Dr. William Lee



Dr. Desmond Yap


University of Hong Kong

Dr. KM Chow



Dr. Stanley Lo



Dr. YH Chan



Dr. WL Chak