President’s Report 2018-2019

Dear Members,


Time flies and it has come to the second and last year of my term to be President of our Society. Thank you for your support and active participation in the various events during last year. I am also particularly grateful for the support and advice from our Past Presidents and all Council Members.


Let me recount some of the landmark activities over this past year:


Academic Activities


Annual Scientific Meeting 2018:  The meeting was held on 22 April 2018 at Conrad Hotel. The theme of the meeting was ” Innovations and Recent Advances in Transplantation”. We had two overseas speakers: Professor Kathryn Wood from United Kingdom and Professor Yao Ming Wu from Taiwan. Professor Wood shared with us her research work on Regulatory T-cell Therapy and Tolerance , and Recent advances in biomarkers for monitoring immune status after transplantation. Professor Wu discussed on the topics of “ Robotic Pure MIS Right Hepatectomy for living donor of liver” and “ New onset of diabetes after liver transplantation”. The local speakers were: Dr Timmy Au, Dr Katherine Fan, Dr Chi Fai Kan, Dr Maggie Ma and Dr Sui Ling Sin. They shared their experiences of local advances on different topics including ABO incompatible liver and kidney transplantation, 3D printing for donor nephrectomy, living donor lobar lung transplantation and current status of Cardiac Donation after circulatory death. The meeting was well attended by 130 members. During the Annual General meeting, Dr William Lee and other office bearers reported the activities and the financial statements of the Society in the previous year, which was well received by all members.



Kidney Transplant Asian Summit 2018:  This summit was organized by Taiwan Transplantation Society and was held on 13-14th October 2018 at Taipei. It provided a platform for medical experts from Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Hong Kong to share their knowledge on the latest development and experience of kidney transplantation. There were a total of 71 participants. The Hong Kong Medical Expert Panel included: Prof Tak-Mao Chan, Dr Kwok-Lung Tong, Dr Yiu-Han Chan, Dr John Li, Dr Lok-Yan Wong and Dr William Lee. 


Scientific Symposium: We co-organized a scientific symposium with the The Hong Kong Association for the Study of Liver Diseases  on 7th September 2018 at Hotel Excelsior. Our speakers were Dr James Fung from Hong Kong and Professor Joo Hyan Sohn from Korea . Dr James Fung discussed on EASL Guidelines for the management of decompensated cirrhosis. Professor Sohn shared his experience of management of hepato-renal syndrome and acute kidney injury. The symposium was well attended by 60 members.



Meeting with Hospital Authority

Despite the number of registration in the Centralized Organ Donor Registry was increasing, the actual number of deceased donors did not increase accordingly. On behalf of Society, I sent invitation to Dr Tony Ko, Director ( Cluster Services ), for a meeting to discuss on the possible measures to improve the current situation. A meeting was held at HAHO on 7th December2018. Representatives from HAHO were Dr Tony Ko, Dr Ian Cheung and Miss Monica Wong. Representatives from our Society were Dr William Lee, Dr Kai Ming Chow and Dr Maggie Ma. We discussed on the possible measures to improve the current situation of organ donation. Dr Tony Ko promised to perform an internal review of the Organ Procurement System. A follow up meeting will be arranged after the review result is available.  


Bidding for Congress of Asian Society of Transplantation 2023

Congress of Asian Society of Transplantation 2023 was open for bidding last year. Our Society decided to bid for this important congress of Asia. Our letter of intention had been sent to the Council of Asian Society of Transplantation and accepted by them. We are now working with Hong Kong Tourism Board to prepare the bidding video and proposal. We will send representatives to attend the council meeting of Asian Society of Transplantation in September at New Delhi, India. Our proposal will be presented during their council meeting. I am looking forward to hosting this conference in Hong Kong.     




Collaborative Work with other Academic Organizations


HKST was invited to co-organize the 23rd Annual Scientific Meeting of The Hong Kong Society for Infectious Diseases. The theme of the meeting was “Transplant Infectious Diseases”. The meeting was held on 16th March 2019. I was invited to be the chairperson of the symposium. Dr Desmond Yap represented our society to give a lecture and the topic of his talk was “ Viral Hepatitis Infection in Kidney Transplant Recipients “. The meeting was well attended by more than 200 members from both societies.


HKST was also invited to be supporting organization for the Heart Failure Conference Holistic Heart Care. The conference was organized by Management Society for Healthcare Professionals. The conference was held from 23-24th March 2019. Dr KM Chow and Dr Katherine Fan were invited to be the speakers of the conference.



The Spanish Transplant Procurement Management Team was invited by Hospital Authority to be the trainer of the The 3rd Intermediate Training Course in Transplant Procurement Management. Our council had a round table discussion with them on 14th August 2018 and we discussed about the strategies to improve organ donation in HK including how to explore more potential donors within the  hospital setting. 


Organ Donation Promotion Activities

1st Eye Donation Thanksgiving Ceremony: This event was held on 12th August 2018 at Lecture Theatre of Hospital Authority Building. The theme was promoting eye donation and introduction of the services of Hospital Authority Eye Bank. An “Eye Donor Memorial Garden Lighting Ceremony” was held. I attended the ceremony on behalf of Society.





HK Organ Donation Day: The 3rd HK Organ Donation Day and 10th Anniversary of the launching of Centralized Organ Donation Register was held on 10th November 2018 at “Garden of Life” of Kowloon Park. The theme was “Respect your loved ones’ wishes and support organ donation”. Professor Sophia Chan, Secretary for Food and Health, was the officiating guest. Dr Chi-Fong Wong , Dr Alvin Young, Dr Ka-Foon Chau, Miss Jenny Koo and Miss Yuen-Fan Tong attended the event on behalf of our society.



Donor Family Day: The purpose of this annual event was to show our appreciation to all the organ donor families. The event was held on 25th November 2018. This year we arranged one day tour visiting Ping Shan and Yuen Long. More than seventy donor families joined the event and the total number of participants was around 300. Dr Tak-Yi Chui, Under Secretary for Food and Health, was our officiating guest and he presented souvenir to our donor families. All the donor families enjoyed the tour very much.


Endless Love-Healing Act Program大愛恩人This program is run by Kidney Foundation and the aim is to honor the deceased organ donors and promote organ donation. I was invited to join the Program Committee as representative of HKST. Deceased organ donor would be honored with an individual plaque on Memorial Wall at the Garden of Remembrance, Tseung Kwan O Chinese Permanent Cemetery with his/her ashes to be scatted at the Garden of Remembrance. An Autumn worship had been organized in December 2018.




Spring Sower Organ Donation Promotion Walk春耕行動:

HKST was invited to be the co-organizer of this event with Hong Kong Medical Association. Every participant will encourage five of his friends or family members to register as organ donor at Centralized Organ Donation Register. The event was held on 13th Jan 2019 at Tung Chung and the number of participants was around 300. The officiating guests was Dr Tak-Yi Chui , Under Secretary for Food and Health. Dr KF Chau, Dr Kelvin Yim and I joined the walk on behalf of our society. The event was followed by broad media coverage.


Thanksgiving Ceremony: This annual event was held on 31 March 2019 at underground lecture theatre of Queen Mary Hospital. Hospital Authority was our supporting organization. Our theme was愛要及時 大愛永念. It provided a platform for all organ transplant recipients of the preceding year to show their gratitude to the donor families. Professor Sophia Chan, Secretary for Food and Health and Dr Beatrice Cheng, representative of HAHO, were our officiating guests. Different organ transplant recipients shared their moving stories. KID Friend’s Choir from Princess Margaret Hospital Pediatric Unit joined our event as well and they had a fantastic performance.   


Organ Donation Promotion Working Group: HKST was one of members of the working group of Department of Health. Prof Philip Li, Dr KF Chau and I were representatives of HKST. The working group had regular meetings to discuss on the strategies to promote organ donation in HK.




The membership register is maintained by our Hon Secretary, Dr Maggie Ma. The current number of full member is 209 and associated member is 175 ( total 384). Membership benefits may be affected for non-paid up members. Any member who has not subscribed to the membership fees for two consecutive years will be removed from the membership list and need to re-apply to rejoin.


HKST Website

The website is maintained by our web master Mr Kevin Lai and Dr Kai Ming Chow. Updated news and photos of our events will be posted in a timely manner.   



Patient Related Activities


4th Hong Kong Transplant and Dialysis Game 


The event was held at Tseung Kwan O Sports Center and Sports Ground from 3 to 4 November 2018. Our Society was supporting organization. The number of participants was around 6oo , including patients from Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China. The concurrent education program included a  series of educational sessions on organ donation and there were more than 17000 audiences.




Public Education  


Promotion of Organ Donation via mass media: HKST cooperated with Oriental Publications Limited and our members will write articles related with organ donation and transplantation. The articles will be published bi-weekly on Oriental Daily News . The initial project period was started from 6 March to 21 Aug 2018. As the feedback form the readers was good and encouraging, we extended the project till the end of May 2019. We are grateful to our coordinator Dr CY Cheung. The authors from Aug 2018 onwards were: Dr Albert Lie, Dr KL Tong, Dr CY Cheung, Dr Albert Chan, Dr KF Chau, Dr MF Lam, Dr Joycelyn Sim, Professor Philip Li, Dr WL Chak, Dr Winnie Chan, Professor Alvin Young, Dr WM Lai, Dr KM Chow, Dr WM Chan and Professor Tak-Mao Chan.