Date: 4th July 2010

Venue: M Block, Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Guest of Honour: Dr Cheung Wai Lun, Prof Philip Li, Dr Chau Ka Foon


Date: 2nd May 2010

Venue: Argyle Street, Hospital Authority Building



2009 is a record-breaking year for organ transplantation. A total of 141 organ failure patients received their gifts of life – a record high in the transplantation history of Hong Kong.

In recognition of this, the Hong Kong Society of Transplantation, supported by the Hospital Authority, the Department of Health and the Hong Kong Society of Nephrology, organized an event named ‘2009 Organ Recipient Thanksgiving Assembly’ on 31 Jan 2010.

Approximately 200 people met in the Prince of Wales Hospital, including 120 organ recipients and their family members.

The opening speech was made by the President of the Hong Kong Society of Transplantation, Prof. Philip Kam-tao Li; followed by the guest of honor, Mr. Shane Solomon, Chief Executive of the Hospital Authority.

In particular, Dr Che-hung Leong, who performed the first kidney transplantation in Hong Kong exactly 40 years ago, came and shared his vast experience and feelings.

One of the Transplant Coordinator, Ms. Yuen-fun Tong, contrasted the reactions of local Chinese families towards organ donation of their beloved ones in her career over 11 years.

Two of the 2009 recipients came up to the stage and told their stories under the mercury lights. Ms Kam received a zero-mismatched kidney 19 years after her first living-donated kidney failed. This has changed her life totally and she feels reborn with confidence and hope to plan ahead. Another 8-year-old girl received an age-and sized-matched heart at the verge of dying. Both ‘miracles’ happened due to the higher donation rates and more organs for matching.

In the end, all recipients and their family members lined up and presented flowers as a gesture of thanks to all the organ donors and their families.


1. 2009年全年遺體器官捐贈人數新高 (53)

2. 2009年全年遺體 腎臟捐贈數字為新高 (87)

3. 2009年全年遺體肝臟捐贈數字為新高 (43)

4. 首度遺體捐贈肝臟宗數超越活體捐贈 (43/ 41)

5. 遺體捐贈者同意器官率為新高: 45.6 %

On 12th Dec 2009, a group of heart transplant recipients and donor family members met in Queen Mary Hospital to celebrate the breakthrough of the 100th heart transplant in Hong Kong. The party was jointly organized by the Hospital Authority (HA), the Department of Health (DH), the Hong Kong Society of Transplantation (HKST) and the Hong Kong Medical Association (HKMA). The event was kicked off by the honorable guests: Mr. Anthony Wu, JP, Chairman, HA, Dr Thomas Tsang, Controller, Centre for Health Protection, DH, Prof Philip Li, President, HKST, Dr Tse Hung-hing, President, HKMA and Dr Lawrence Lai, Cluster Chief Executive, Hong Kong West, HA. Many present and past medical and nursing staffs of the heart transplant team came and reunited in celebration of this meaningful event. In total, 141 people attended the activity, including 32 people from 19 heart donors’ families, 47 people from 31 heart recipients and their families, 52 guests and 20 healthcare workers. One donor family member and 2 transplant recipients shared their feelings with the audiences and the media. The first heart transplant recipient, “一哥趙雲開, shared his joy and thankfulness by singing a song 17 years after receiving his gift of life. The event had attracted vast media coverage - 11 mass media turned up including 5 newspapers, 3 radios and 3 TV reporters. On the next day, 6 newspapers published the event and helped to propagate the message of organ donation.