2019 Donor Family Day 

We are grateful to have 50 families joining the BBQ event, which is always enjoyable for the donor families.

日期:2018年11月 25日 (星期日 )










Fit For Life Billion Steps Challenge 健步人生挑戰十億步


To support the Hong Kong Transplant Sports Association HKTSA’s pledge, our Society made efforts to join this activity. This is an activity to improve the fitness of health care workers and transplant recipients, as well as raising the awareness of organ donation. 

We joined the celebration activity on 4 February 2018.


Fit For Life Billion Steps Challenge 健步人生挑戰十億步
Fit For Life Billion Steps Challenge 健步人生挑戰十億步
Donor Family Day 2017 held on 26 November 2017. With nice weather, everyone enjoy the holiday camp and share the fun.
Figure 1. Prof. Sophia Chan Siu-chee, Secretary for Food and Health, is our special guest on the Donor Family Day, and she probably got the most number of selfies that day.
Figure 2. We are grateful for the nice weather on 26 November 2017, when donor families can enjoy the barbeque and share the fun.
Figure 3. Children enjoyed the game we created, as well as those at the Po Leung Kuk Pak Tam Chung Holiday Camp.
Figure 4. Our participants demonstrated their talents in delivering gourmet experience.