We are glad to learn about management of post-transplant malignancies from Prof Wolfgang Arns during the Joint Scientific Symposium co-organized by our Society and HKSN on 8 April 2015 

The 4th Asia Pacific Colloquium on organ transplantation was organized in Hong Kong this year on 1-2 March 2014. HKST is one of the co-organizers.

HKST has organized another symposium on liver transplantation on 23 February 2014, focused on the effect of current immunosuppressive regime on the long term kidney function of the liver allograft recipients. Prof. Saliba from Paris gave an in-depth review on the issue, supported with data from a local study presented by Dr. Gavin Chan from Queen Mary Hospital.  

HKST has organized a joint symposium with Hong Kong Society of hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery on 19 October 2013 in Sheraton Hotel. Prof. Toshimi Kaido from Kyoto University has shared his experience on nutritional support for liver transplantation and hepatobiliary surgery. Prof. Poon Tung Ping, Ronnie, has updated the current management of hepatocellular carcinoma while Dr. James Fung has discussed the management of viral hepatitis in liver transplantation.