The Early Morning Scientific Symposium hoisted by the HKST: six local abstracts (clinical and basic science) had been selected for presentation.

Representatives from the Hong Kong Society of Transplantation attended the Cross-Strait Transplant Forum in Shanghai from 4-6 September 2015. They included Prof. SC Chan, Dr. HK Lo, Dr. WL Chak and Ms. J Koo.

Cross Strait Transplant Forum 2014 was held in Nanjng on 13th September 2014. On behalf of our Society, Dr WL Chak had shared the local experience on the transplantation situation in Hong Kong. Prof MK Chan and Dr Kelvin Ho were chairman of the scientific sessions. Other Hong Kong speakers include Dr William Sharr, Dr Albert Chan and Dr John Li. The meeting was well attended by participants from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Dr. W.L. Chak


Group photo of doctors from Hong Kong

Cross Strait Transplant Forum 2013 (兩岸三地移植交流會議was held in Cheng-Do on 26-27 October 2013. On behalf of our Society, Prof SC Chan and Dr. KF Chau had shared their local experience on living liver transplantation, post-transplant malignancy respectively.

Cross-Strait Transplantation Forum 2012 was held on 24-26th August 2012 at