Cross-Strait Transplantation Forum 2012 was held on 24-26th August 2012 at


The Cross Strait Transplant Forum was held in Hohhot (capital of Inner Mongolia) in August 2011

Representatives from Hong Kong and our Society

Hong Kong Society of Transplantation, Chinese Society of Organ Transplantation and the Transplantation Society of Taiwan had jointly
organized the Cross Transplantation forum in Qingdao, China on 17-19 Apr., 2010.
The chairpersons were Dr. Cindy BY Choy, Vice President of Hong Kong Society of Transplantation; Prof. Bing-yi Shi, Vice Chairman
of Chinese Society of Organ Transplantation; and Prof. Po Chang Lee, President of The Transplantation Society of Taiwan .
Dr. Cindy BY Choy delivered the welcome speech and chaired the Forum on Organ Donation while Dr. Matthew KL Tong and Dr. KF
Chau delivered their talks on ‘Chronic allograft nephropathy’ and ‘Organ procurement and allocation in Hong Kong’ respectively.
Clinical experiences on management of patients with kidney, liver, heart and lung transplants were being shared during the meeting. The
meeting was well attended with more than 300 attendees.


Dr_PC_Lee_Cindy_BY_Choy_BY_Shi_KF_Chau_-_cross.strait  Dr_KL_Tong_BY_Choy